Press Releases

08/02/2021 – Canada’s Greenest Employers 2021 Press Release

Nightingale is pleased to announce it has been named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for 2021. This is the second consecutive year Nightingale has been honored with this distinction. This recognition highlights our successful efforts at maintaining and improving our award-winning ‘zero-waste’ initiative.

The winners of Canada’s Greenest Employers are selected by Canada’s Top 100 Employers based on a company’s development of unique, environmental initiatives and their successful commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. Companies are further evaluated on the level of employee involvement and the magnitude to which these green initiatives are linked to its corporate identity.   

Nightingale is powered by wind and solar energy in efforts to maintain our ‘zero-waste’ initiative to be as carbon-neutral as possible. The company’s “landfill sucks” policy is a public display of its promise to produce zero-waste. Nightingale’s manufacturing process ensures that any excess or unusable materials are either repurposed or reused. These green practices extend to production where recycled fabrics and metal are utilized in every chair.

Nightingale works closely with suppliers to incorporate environmental considerations into its supply chain. It has a ten- year parts warranty for easy repair and accepts end-of-use products for proper dismantling and recycling.

Nightingale is proud to be re-selected as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for 2021 and will continue to lead the industry towards a sustainable future.

05/27/2021 – Ryan Hay Promoted to VP of Sales – Government

Nightingale is pleased to announce the appointment of Ryan Hay to the position of Vice-President of Sales – Government, effective immediately, and will be reporting directly to Ed Breen, President. 

Mr. Hay’s career started at Nightingale in 2008 and he has since then held many roles of increasing responsibility throughout the years, most recently as the Director of Sales, Government. This most recent role has prepared him well to succeed in the elevated position of VP of Sales – Government. 

Ryan has a deep knowledge of Nightingale’s products and procedures and has exemplified Nightingale’s mission and values throughout his tenure. “Ryan’s strategic mindset and ability to create strong client relationships, have been critical to his achievements to date. I am eager to see how he embraces the responsibilities of this new role” says Ed Breen, Nightingale President.

Stepping into this new role, Ryan Hay will continue to establish and renew government contracts, thereby achieving corporate strategic goals and ensuring Nightingale’s continued success in the government market.


12/08/2020 – EC6® Selected for Interior Design’s 2020 Best of Year Product Award

Nightingale’s EC6® is a 2020 Interior Design Best of Year Conference Seating Product Award finalist. Nightingale is ecstatic that its EC6® Series has been selected out of thousands of nominees to possibly receive Interior Design’s prestigious and coveted Best of Year Product Award. 

Interior Design's Best of Year is the design industry's premiere design awards program, honoring the most significant work of the year as well as recognizing designers, architects and manufacturers from around the globe. The Best of Year Award has become the ultimate measure of excellence, showcasing what’s happening today in every category of design while simultaneously setting the bar even higher for the future. 

About the EC6® Series

Inspired by the 1960s aesthetic and modern office spaces, the EC6® has a sleek, powerful shape that is stunning in any office space. Cushioned and luxurious, the EC6® gives you the support you need to focus on your work. Its straight-forward controls, innovative adjustable lumbar support, and optional dual-tone upholstery keep you in charge.


12/02/2020 – Bless is an Official Spark Award 2020 Product Finalist

Nightingale is thrilled to announce that our Bless® task chair is a 2020 Spark Product Award finalist. The Bless® achieved its Spark Product Finalist distinction by impressing the various experts who are part of the Spark jury panel. 

Spark is a community of designers and creative thinkers who believe in the power of design to prompt positive change in the world. It encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration and a focus on designs that are problem-solving and sustainable. Nightingale’s Bless® chair was judged on responses to questions relating to innovation, engineering, aesthetics, and real-world application. 

About Bless 2100

Nightingale's Bless® Chair is an ergonomic task chair that was built to serve the needs of high-performance tasks. Bless® was made for active work environments, where flexibility, mobility and function are necessary. The Bless® chair offers extensive product line features to exceed the needs of the modern workspace.


10/13/2020 – Nightingale is a 2020 MUSE Design Award Winner

Nightingale is ecstatic to reveal that our WXO series chair is a Gold Winner of the 2020 MUSE Design Awards. 

The MUSE Design Awards honour design professionals whose work is thoughtful, groundbreaking and innovative. The MUSE awards showcase products that have timeless and inspired designs. 

In 2019, our NLC chair won the Silver MUSE Design Award. This year’s improved standing with the WXO’s gold win is a testament to Nightingale’s relentless pursuit of forward-thinking product design and innovation. 

The WXO is an ergonomic task chair with a sleek and simple design. The simplicity of the WXO means fewer parts and a lighter environmental footprint. The WXO is a seamless combination of minimalist design and superb ergonomic support. 

Notable design features of the WXO include: 

  • our contoured Ablex™ mesh back which allows air to pass freely and provides dynamic lumbar support 
  • our waterfall seat design which alleviates pressure and tension while promoting good posture
  • our standard Enersorb™ seat foam on the upholstered option adds an extra layer of comfort by conforming to your body, improving circulation and relieving pressure points

The WXO can be manipulated in a variety of ways to ensure the best sitting experience. With adjustable arms, along with our two-position tilt lock and pneumatic height adjustment and innovative Torglider™ mechanism, the WXO provides the user with ultimate ergonomic performance in a simplistic package. The refined WXO allows for less fuss and more focus, making it the perfect working chair.  

Nightingale is very excited to have the WXO be a 2020 MUSE Design Gold winner and looks forward to creating new products that will be recognized for their creativity, quality, innovation and design.

08/11/2020 – MBOT

Nightingale is proud to announce our membership with Mississauga Board of Trade! 

This new membership will allow us to connect and collaborate with other small, medium or large sized companies in Mississauga. Nightingale is now part of a group of influential Mississauga businesses, with the opportunity to expand our local business ventures. Our relationship with MBOT also bolsters brand recognition along with creating new partnerships, learning opportunities, and connections. 

Previously recognized by MBOT in 2019 with the International Trade Award, Nightingale has proven itself as a company with successful international reach and recognition. This year with our MBOT membership now is the time to expand our local market and strive to become a well-rounded company with both prosperous international, and now local, influence. 

Mississauga Board of Trade has a vision to be the pre-eminent voice for Business in Mississauga, with the mission statement to Connect, Champion and Advance Mississauga Business. This membership with MBOT exposes Nightingale to various local networks, events, discounts, partnerships and recognition amongst other prominent Mississauga businesses. We are proud to be a strong supporting member of Mississauga Board of Trade and look forward to the local business prospects that lie ahead.

06/16/2020 – Nightingale Named Canada's Greenest Employer

Nightingale has been recognised by Canada’s Top 100 Employers as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for 2020.

Canada’s Greenest Employers evaluates companies that have developed exceptional sustainability initiatives and their success in reducing the organization’s carbon footprint. Companies are also evaluated on the degree that the employees are involved and the extent to which these initiatives have become linked to their public identity.

Nightingale’s award-winning environmental ‘zero-waste’ initiative is to be as carbon-neutral as possible. Nightingale is an off-the-grid company, powered by solar and wind energy. The corner-of piece of Nightingale’s environmental commitment to zero waste is the ‘land-fill sucks’ policy. Within Nightingale’s manufacturing process, no waste is produced. Excess, or end-of-lifespan materials are either repurposed or reused. Nightingale also uses recycled fabric and metal in the production of its chairs. By engaging in these practices, old materials become new resources for the company.

As part of Nightingale’s continuing commitment to the environment, Nightingale offers various products that are certified by the Healthier Hospitals Initiative.

“Nightingale’s team of employees are committed to making a difference by creating quality ergonomic products that are good for your body and for the planet” notes President Ed Breen.

This designation is an acknowledgement of Nightingale’s dedication to the environment and leading the industry to create a sustainable future. Nightingale is proud to have been named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers 2020.

11/27/2019 – Nightingale Receives Best Bespoke Office Chair Manufacturers 2020 Award

Nightingale has been awarded the Best Bespoke Office Chair Manufacturers Award by Corporate Vision (CV) for our performance in 2019.

In this year’s Canadian Business Awards, Corporate Vision looked for companies that demonstrated commitment to innovation and who continue to strive above and beyond in what they do. Nightingale is constantly collaborating with designers, employees, customers, and engineers to design superior products that push the boundaries of innovation. Nightingale’s customers can customize all aspects of Nightingale’s available product line to suit their exact needs to specifications. They can select the chair type, the upholstery, the arms, legs, wheels, colours, ergonomic support levels, the back height, and the weights that the chair can support, with heavy-duty options that can support upwards of 300 lbs available.

11/22/2019 – Nightingale Next Level Chair Receives Muse Award

MUSE Design Awards seeks to discover and advance existing and developing designers in all the design professions that improve the world we live in, from the buildings we inhabit to the fashion we wear, the rooms we walk through, the vehicles that take us from place to place, the packages we open, and the products we love.

The Next Level Chair — NLC — is a stylish, design-forward seating product that pushes the boundaries of innovation. The NLC features a number of industry-firsts. These include flip-up arms which allow easy sitting-to-standing mobility, and the Newton Wafer mechanism™ — a 3-spring horizontal system that balances weight in infinite positions. The chair also boasts an adjustable headrest, height-adjustable lumbar support, a cable-activated seat slider, and heavy-duty aluminum base and casters.

11/22/2019 – Nightingale Wins 2019 Mississauga Board of Trade International Trade Award

The International Trade award honours Mississauga businesses and organizations for their dedication in pursuing and penetrating global markets and providing diversification, revenues, and jobs within the Mississauga economy.

Criteria for Eligibility & Selection:

  • Increased or retained jobs in Mississauga by entering new global markets.
  • Produced or adapted a product line or service for foreign markets.
  • Demonstrated new or creative solutions for import and export challenges.
  • Established alliance or partnerships to increase international trade.
  • Invested in infrastructure or manufacturing in Mississauga to enhance trade.
  • Has proven increased export revenues. 

Nightingale is a privately-owned specialized seating manufacturer founded in 1928. We construct innovative, comfortable seating and workplace collaboration products built in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada for any work environment. Nightingale’s passion for design, comfort, quality, and innovation has driven us to be an industry leader with a growing global presence. 

85% of Nightingale’s revenues are derived from international markets. Nightingale has enjoyed long-term sales success in the American, U.K. and Middle East markets for many decades. The company is working hard to establish new sales in emerging markets such as Brazil, Nigeria, Colombia, and Israel.