Bless is an Official Spark Award 2020 Product Finalist


Nightingale is thrilled to announce that our Bless® task chair is a 2020 Spark Product Award finalist. The Bless® achieved its Spark Product Finalist distinction by impressing the various experts who are part of the Spark jury panel. 

Spark is a community of designers and creative thinkers who believe in the power of design to prompt positive change in the world. It encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration and a focus on designs that are problem-solving and sustainable. Nightingale’s Bless® chair was judged on responses to questions relating to innovation, engineering, aesthetics, and real-world application. 

About Bless 2100

Nightingale's Bless® Chair is an ergonomic task chair that was built to serve the needs of high-performance tasks. Bless® was made for active work environments, where flexibility, mobility and function are necessary. The Bless® chair offers extensive product line features to exceed the needs of the modern workspace.