Nightingale is proud to announce our membership with Mississauga Board of Trade! 

This new membership will allow us to connect and collaborate with other small, medium or large sized companies in Mississauga. Nightingale is now part of a group of influential Mississauga businesses, with the opportunity to expand our local business ventures. Our relationship with MBOT also bolsters brand recognition along with creating new partnerships, learning opportunities, and connections. 

Previously recognized by MBOT in 2019 with the International Trade Award, Nightingale has proven itself as a company with successful international reach and recognition. This year with our MBOT membership now is the time to expand our local market and strive to become a well-rounded company with both prosperous international, and now local, influence. 

Mississauga Board of Trade has a vision to be the pre-eminent voice for Business in Mississauga, with the mission statement to Connect, Champion and Advance Mississauga Business. This membership with MBOT exposes Nightingale to various local networks, events, discounts, partnerships and recognition amongst other prominent Mississauga businesses. We are proud to be a strong supporting member of Mississauga Board of Trade and look forward to the local business prospects that lie ahead.